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THE BAIT (Romantic Comedy)

— An untrusting woman, employed to test the fidelity of fiancés for concerned wives-to-be, has her world upended when she falls for her latest target while he remains rocksteady in denial of their intense mutual attraction, and she must reconsider her beliefs on love, trust, and what it means to tempt fate. (Rom Com in the vein of Hitch)

STATUS: Available


— New to town, a sweet but competitive stay-at-home-mom joins the tennis club hoping to make friends, but instead finds herself obsessively battling the club Alpha for the one open spot on the league team. (BAD MOMS with tennis.)

STATUS: Available

HELLDORADO (Historic Drama//Biopic)

— Based on the true story of Mayme Stocker. A head strong mother of three and wife of a railroad worker, in the 20s, defies the odds and opens a successful saloon alongside whorehouses and Mob bosses in the seedy but burgeoning district of Vegas, and goes on to be the first person to hold a gaming license in the state of Nevada.


MADE IN CHINA (Buddy Road-Trip)

— Two Chinese sisters who grew up in New York– one a workaholic, one a party girl– travel to rural China to receive an inheritance from the father they never knew. Once there, they race the clock to pass seemingly random tests that will earn them his mysterious legacy. (Planes Trains and Automobiles meets The Joyluck Club).

STATUS: Available

OUTBACK (Crime Drama)

— A tough loner barmaid and a gregarious aristocrat witness an outlaw biker commit a heinous crime and must get to the only source they trust, in a neighboring mining town, before they’re gotten to first. (Thelma and Louise meets Sons of Anarchy in the Australian Outback.)

STATUS: Available

SPIRIT HALLOWEEN (PG Adventure/Horror)

— When a pop-up Halloween store opens in a deserted strip-mall built on a haunted lot, three middle school friends, thinking they’ve outgrown trick or treating, decide to spend the night locked inside. But when a spirit possesses the animatronics and targets the boys, their night of fun turns to a night of whacky survival, testing their friendship in the process. (GOOSEBUMPS meets NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM).



California Christmas: A superficial Beverly Hills socialite wishes on a Christmas jack-in-thebox and is cast on a journey from riches to rags on her way to true love and true self.

Postcards from Paris: A small town chef lands the job of a lifetime cooking for a French billionaire and must choose between the familiar love of her hometown guy, or a fairytale romance with her charming but ‘business always’ boss.


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